John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please interpret
I saw myself in a secondary school where I taught. It was as though the students were writing WAEC. From where I stood I saw lots of external students coming after the exams had started. Among them were two ladies, one of them putting on a beautiful wire work earings designed with red beads, necklace and hairband. These caught my attention and I decided to follow her to take a snapshot of those wears. I ended up snapping only the hairband as she was walking very fast. I asked her to see me after she was done. She did and I told her I admire her wears and that I am into beads making. Somehow I was there with my beads. She asked why I wasn't making and selling beads, I told her there was no money in it. Besides, many people are already into it. While I was talking with her some of the beads I had scattered all over the place. I ended up picking just a few of them. She made little no effort to help. I showed her some of the beads I had and told her the price I bought it. Both she and the other lady were surprised and they both said I bought it cheap. I directed them where to buy it but they said the place was a restaurant/canteen. I wasn't happy and hoped they were lying. I mentioned the name of the beads seller, they laughed all the more and insisted the place was already a restaurant/ canteen.

2. I was in a luxury bus travelling to where I didn't know. The driver packed so everyone could go on a short break. We got down and I asked a woman that sat beside me in the bus to buy me any kind of fruit, as much as possible. I mentioned mangoes, "anwi" a fruit of small black seeds always in bunches. I initially thought her to be my mother til we got down from the bus then I realised she wasn't. She agreed and smiled. She was pricing some mangoes when I decided to find a place to wee or pooh. I found myself in my niece's Convent secondary school. I entered their toilet, it was neat and recently washed. I pulled my pant but wouldn't say I wee or pooh. It was a pit toilet and there was no water. But somehow I found myself carrying some clean water in a bucket and holding an already cut out toilet roll I came out of the toilet. I saw a cleaner I know somewhere and greeted her, saw my niece and asked her what the school authority would do to me if they found out I used the toilet. I can't remember her response. Still with my pant pulled down but my wears covering me from head to toes I saw some students doing their manual labour. Some watched me and whispered to one another but none had the courage to approach me. I went to a group of students that were pounding something I didn't know in a mortar and volunteered to help them. The girl refused and somehow I heard a voice tell me her name,though I didn't ask., " that's Olaachi" meaning ' God's gold'. Am not sure though if this was the exact name mentioned. I approach one that looked like a boy, tired and unhappy, he gave me his to pound for him. As soon as I sat down to do the pounding the students around rejoiced. Right beside me I saw one of my colleagues presently, talking on top of his voice as though he were making a call, as the person he was talking to wasn't visible, that he now has a school for children and that his landlord should endeavour to send his children to his school. Then I woke up. Help me out please, best of the Sunday to you.
1. You if you had conceived or have any intention to invest into such business dismiss that right away.

In essence, you must pray/wage against career shame,business shame/failure,and against powers that want to frustrate and disgrace your effort/business et al.

2. Sacrificial.

Indeed, I see your harvest of blessing as I also see heaven of favour upon you.

But the lord called, Stop! life isn't just about you-be sacrificial and avail yourself to impact lives around you and the kingdom of God lest your salvation,deliverance,blessing and heaven of grace continue to remain under limitation/manipulation.

To whom much is given,must is expected.

Bless you.
Bless you too. Thank you very much.
Goodafternoon pastor ebakole.

My mother had a dream where she saw hersef in her parents' house, her children too (we) were there. She was about to go out when she started looking for her footwears. In reality, she had those particular footwears she was looking for but are old and done away with long ago. She later found them but discovered they were burnt. She was crying when I woke her up.

Also, she had a dream where she and I were going to her parents's house (my grannies' house) and we were trying to avoid a troublesome dog. Next, she started having a stomach trouble and saw herself on a tin rope trying to vomit. She prayed to God to make her vomit the worm that had been troubling her ( in the physical she suffers from stomach trouble as a result of worm). She felt the worm close to her throat and heard a voice telling her to vomit all out. Sunddenly, someone appeared by her side telling not to that if she did, she would fall from the rope. She felt she would vomit out her intestine. She looked down the valley from where she was standing and saw me a far off, she also saw the said dog somewhere down the valley. Then she woke up crying in pains, tried to vomit but ended up vomiting nothing.
1. This is serious!
I thought the lord revealed these to you few days ago or so?

Listen and attentively this time :
The lord say, even though your mother left her father's house many years ago and she's now married with kids in her husband house? Spiritually both her and all her children are in captivity of marital retrogression, stagnancy and chain.

Let me break it down : why would a married woman and all her children found herself in her father's house only to try to escape but found that the only tool(she shoe is her legs,ability to move) has been stolen or was no where?

She needs marital deliverance along with her children so that her children will not experience what she passed or been passing through in her marriage/maritally.

2. Yes. This confirmed this dream above.

There is a connection between your mother and her foundation/family which has limited and kept her marital life,health and deliverance under limitation.
Indeed, there is need for deliverance and yes, it's between life and death as the tin rope signifies that.

She's trying indeed and been waging war against this infliction but something isn't been done right hence the delay, while she yet to vomit the attack or infliction.

Tell her to focus on fire prayers and wage war against the source of these foundational,inherited and evil arrow against her health,life, children and marital life.

Bless you.
I had a dream in different settings:

A woman came to our house asking me to give her the money our eldest sister asked me to give her-the woman. I brought out the money from my hand-purse, handed her some of it but kept back some amount like 500 hundred naira. I later changed my mind and gave her all and she left.

I saw myself praying in our compound and asking God "that the job he has given me will not be a source of sorrow to me" The environment was dark like it was towards morning time. Next, I saw my niece presenting me the tail and middle of cooked fish in a plate and urging me to eat. She kept pestering me that I stopped my prayers and shouted at her. Asking if she didn't see I was praying. Somehow this really got me angry and unhappy. I don't know if I later ate the fish but I remember seeing the tail of the fish cut in halves with one half missing.

I saw little children, though, I didn't know who they were, still in our compound. They were playing close to what looked like a well or big tank. But we could all see the water inside. It was clean but had plenty small ants inside and around the tank. No one wanted to touch the water but I dipped my hand and scooped some into my mouth and rinsed my mouth with it.

I saw myself in my church compound waiting for the Mass to dismiss. I didn't want to get into the church and never cared. All I wanted was to go home. I was putting on a short native gown with my back showing. And I know I can never wear such to church. I looked towards the gate of the church and saw the members of an association I belong to in the church, all dressed and seated. (In reality, I don't participate actively in this association because I feel I have overgrown being a member). I didn't care to join them. I found myself in a secluded building partitioned into some rooms. And I was there with other girls, possibly those who didn't want to join the meeting. Somepeople were sent to get us, when they came, they presented us with a note book and asked us to write our names. I remember writing my surname but don't know if I wrote my name. I was eager to go home to see how my mother was doing but there was no how I could leave where I was. We were later taken into one of the rooms to be interrogated. I remember one of girls say she was looking after her father who was suffering from stroke as there was no one else to look after him. Hence, she didn't join the meeting. I supported her. But when I saw her face I thought I shouldn't have because she wasn't familiar. Among those that where sent to get us was a woman in complete native attire and a youngman in an English wear. I was sitting like I was being interviewed. I saw myself eat something like leaves from soup with both hands but I didn't know how I got it. I remember the woman telling the man that they couldn't get any information from me about myself. I was told to give my mobile number but I didn't want to give them my MTN number. So I tried to give them my Etisalat number, but I don't know it off hand even in reality. I was searching a notebook with them to know if we can find it when I woke up.

Again in my father's compound, coming in I met two men, like labourers. They seemed to have been fed and where about leaving wih bags containing their tools. They spoke a dialect different from ours though, they spoke my language but I don't remember what they said.

Still in my father's compound, three ladies with travel bag visited. I saw myself with them in one of our rooms. I was trying to gather things like beads mixed with corn seeds. I wanted to clear and clean the room for them because I took them to be prayer warriors who would sleep in that room after prayers.

God bless you.

Your dreams are often deep and unusual.
I don't even know where to start your spiritual battles are indeed many.

In essence,I see see so too many battles round about you, within, without, spiritual and physical.

Your spiritual life, salvation not redemption and unusual intervention as you are not only vulnerable in your present church but you also have issue/battle with the spirit of pride.

I can see you have a very bold and strong personality/heart but this has helped you at all in your battles and spiritual life but has caused more harm than good.

This deep, how just you alone be overwhelmed with so much battles both at home and in the house of God.

I'd suggest you go to God, ask for direction on how to go about rebuilding your salvation from the scratch,what kind of church fit into your spiritual/physical, domestic/without, foundational and household battles.

There is an urgent call/need to dig into your foundation and the mystery surrounding your life and family.

They are just too numerous to mention.
Joel 2:28, psalm 24,119,8.,51.
Oh lord my father, why are there so much battles in my life,family, within and without me and my family?
Father lord have mercy on me and tell me how to rebuild my life/salvation and overcome them all-in jesus name.

I pray the lord help and have mercy on you.
Need I inform you that these soup or whatever you ate in these scenes are ; spiritual attacks? Infact they are known as night caterers.

But this most shocking part of these dreams is that, the lord say, You are not safe within the family(at home) as you job is under a serious threat. Yes I said that, the enemy within want you to lose that job.

Also, and more shocking was that even in your present church you are not safe,the enemy has gut to attack you -the leaf stew.
Meaning,something has been draining your spiritual life and salvation within. As the leaf stew signifies :attack.

Bless you.
IN ALL FRANKNESS this last interpretation is so so incomprehensible! How has my bold and strong personality/heart caused more harm than good in my spiritual life/battles? My church...I don't understand a thing expect fears and more confused. Whatever He says, that He will do and that alone shall come to pass in my life and family. Amen

I really wish I could speak with you either one-on-one or through phone calls. Am just thoroughly confused!
You are right as what we have here is indeed a bit complex.

Mind you, God intentions for you are harmless.

Gracefilled, I deliberately went straight to the point and eschewed some analysis and messages knowing how sensitive and strict you can be when your interpretation says otherwise or contradicts your expectation.

Now, you would observed that after all done and interpretation of your dream(s),i left a prayer point below? Good!
I did that because that's what God instructed me to do and how to go about unravelling the mystery.
There is so much about you that God has spoken to me, and I can tell you categorically that I know some of your thoughts, how you reacts to your interpretations,who you are offline, if not as a whole? I do sure,know enough through the holy spirit.

Why not observe/follow the instruction given to you first and then, let God speak and i,the lord will know what to do, what prayer points fits into your case?

You need to humble yourself and do away with worries it's then God(myself) will be able to work with you.

In a nutshell? The lord has been so faithful to you but your deliverance is yet to be established and your spiritual life isn't where it ought to be considering the amount of battle you are surrounded with both within and without your family/foundation.

Pastor is on whassap.

Bless you.
A beatiful morning to you ebankole.

1. I saw myself in my house sweeping lizard's excreta away from my bed on the position where I usually rest my feet.

2. I saw myself walking on a lonely tarred road with bushes on both sides. I looked up behinde me and saw a balcony of an upstairs with a fair man seated there. I dropped my packed travelbag somewhere close to the bush to continue my journey but changed my mind and took it along. I was just walking happily in that dream.

3. I saw myself on a busy road waiting for bus. An empty white bus came along but I didn't enter. A woman standing somewhere by the roadside said it was an Anglican Church Bus and that it belonged to them. I understood it to mean she wanted me to enter. But I ignored her.

4. I found myself in my place of work. There was commotion as one of my colleagues, a young girl, was acting out in the presence of everyone like she was running mad. She was sitted and wasn't putting on pants. With her legs folded beneath her, she so opened wide her laps and was touching and showing her private parts and shouting out something I couldn't understand. Other colleagues sitted with me were watching too, surprised and wondering.
Next, another colleague, a man fainted. Other colleagues including myself were trying to revive him. I went out shouting for help.
Next I saw him being wheeled in a wheel barrow going for treatment.
Next, I saw him come back to life but was putting on white top and white trousers this time. He was arguing that the bill which was 21 pounds or was much.
Next, I was standing before a table with many people standing opposite. I recognised two Reverend Sisters in blue uniform. Later, they both exchanged words and one slapped the other. I think the one that slapped the other*not so sure which one of them* started crying. I scolded her heavily for being the one to strike first. I told her she ought not exhibit superiority towards her subordinates no matter what they did especially when in the public. She tried to defend herself but I didn't give her the chance as I kept scolding her. The one I scolded was my coursemate during my versity days.
( please be straight and raw in your interpretation to me, please)
May God continue to enrich you with his grace. Amen