John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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A must read, important anouncement
Greetings Brethens,

Due to the numbers of insincere and dishonest webmaster we've fall into that had denied us our full rights to our domain etc hence subjected us to limitations-we've decided to move/switch into another,new Domain that enable us total control on our right/forum and ministry(online) without fear of being rob,taken advantage any time or in the future

Note : We will reveal the new domain soon and,as in no time we will switch and merge this present one with the new one for a while so that all our members and new(s) can relate with the new till this present one is due for expiration.

Secondly, we will like to appeal to everyone out there, both members and none that can help or suggest any alternative power supply especially "solar" such that can replace the normal power generation. This has become imperative due the dwindling power generation,and ofcourse to provide power to work,serve effectively just in case pastor is found aloof from urban/power location.

Lastly, as God liveth and wills,we also have plans to "clone" this forum such that will enable us to operate under no software or limited capacity like this present one.

This is due to the fact that we also have plans to create an "App" for this forum which we might not be able to except this " free software" is moved to our own creation or design (the forum design and everything therein was forced on us by one of our so called webmaster).

We paid for the Web master to build the forum from the stretch but due to our ignorant and for the fact that we knew nothing, had no idea how it's being be done hence this design(software) was imposed on us.
This has limited us and prevent us from improving on forum functions,design etc because for us to do anything we will need to consult the developer,and at the same time we are limited due to how forum was designed by the developer.

Brethens? We must clone this forum lest,sooner or later or in the future the developer decides to stop the free software(his creation) and we lose everything. Mind you without cloning we may never be able to improve the forum, develop our App, and most importantly? We may remain under vulnerability.

We need ideas, help and volunteers.

God bless you all.



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Goodmorning Sir,

I hear what you are saying here but i know nothing about these advanced IT terms&the web operations.

I kind of have an idea of what You say,can you please put it in simple terms 4me,exactly what u need,there are lots of people here IT trained&unemployed,I believe by the mercy of God if you need a help like that i can get some1 2help us......?

These are terms use by webmaster.
To answer your question :

•We need to upgrade the forum to our taste which we may not be able to do except we build the forum from the stretch and move all the contents therein(in this present one) into the new one.

Domain name is the name of the forum : (dreamtorchlight . com) Yes! , that's what we call domain.

All you need do is make enquire and if you can help us to find a professional(none greedy) webmaster who can help us clone/build the forum from the stretch,upgrade it and move all the contents therein into the new/cloned forum.

And ofcourse, a breakdown,charge(amount) and duration of work etc.

Bless you.
Ohk, i understand, will enquire&get back2you Sir....
Pastor, you will overcome this challenge and any that comes up because of HIM whom you serve in your service to us. On my own part, i will help in the way i can. This is just a testimony to HIS words that we should expect challenges, etc, but that HE, our LORD JESUS CHRIST has overcome the world not minding the challenges hence, strengthens my FAITH in HIM.
Goodday Sir

Have spoken to a Lady here, she say they've been running their business for 15 years now.

The name of the company is Website Design South Africa,
their website is
contact person is Linn +27727602953, i gave her Your name incase you call she will know.

I hope this helps......

Goodday Sir

I spoke to a lady here, she say they have been running their business for 15years now.

The name of company is
-Website Design South Africa
Website is
Contact person
-Linn i gave her Your name incase You call her she will know

I hope this will help.........
We may not be able to afford that now considering the ministry financial status,and most importantly the recent currency/foreign exchange rates.
Be that as it may we will look into this-By the way I just called her now

God bless you.
Ohk Sir, I believe we shall overcome all this, to God be the glory......