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  Re: My mother's dream
Posted by: ebloom - 03-04-2015, 10:01 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good evening Pst,

I wanted to ask about a dream my mother had about someone being flogged continuously. She has prayed about it but it has not been revealed to her who the person being flogged is and who is doing the flogging.

She is very much worried.

Thank you

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  pls, help me out
Posted by: boom - 03-04-2015, 09:58 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

good evening, i dreamt of something like rat tail running away in pain as if somebody has cut the remaining part of its body away.

A woman presented some eggs to me. Some are yet to form into solid egg. She told me my chicken laid them. In real life, i dont have chicken.

I saw a man working vigorously and sweating to cut a palm tree into two, at the end, he cut it.

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  wedded to different person
Posted by: slinkky - 03-04-2015, 06:27 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

Good afternoon sir, I called my fiancee today morning, and she told me she heard a terrible dream about us. That in the dream we were preparing for our wedding, ( Which in reality is coming up in two months time.) But in the dream it was two weeks left to our wedding. In the dream we were in room and i later left her alone in the room but didn't tell her where i was going to. After am gonna my bestman was calling my phone which i left behind in the room, and she picked the call. When he asked her about my whereabouts she said she didn't know. She said she was later setting outside when she saw me coming with her cousin and we wearing a matching dress like newly wed. That in the dream i was kissing and smooching her cousin in her and friends presence. She got angry and started crying and went to our room and laid down, and i follwed her later to the room and went and laid down beside her. She asked me to leave since i have decided to disgrace her even in the presence of her friends. That i left when she asked me to leave and she followed me later to return the engagement ring, and that i let the engagement ring drop into grass at my feet as she was handing it back to me and was laughing at her

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Posted by: admin - 03-04-2015, 06:18 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Pastor, I had the following dreams early this morning.

(1) I was somewhere and two of my friends came around. These my friends were members of secret cult that I used to belong to when I was in school. One of them was shaking me the way we used to shake our members but I didn't respond back. I just shook him normally and I was telling him that its been a long time we saw. I was telling him that he is looking fresh and good but deep down in my mind I knew he wasn't looking good. He brought his hand and shake me again as fellow members normally shake each other but I still didn't return the shaking of hand. Rather i shook him normal. He didn't for a 3rd time and still I didn't return the hand shake like he wanted. Then he now said why am I not responding?

(2) I went to look for my daughter and to take her with me. When I got to the place somebody went to call her for me. When she came out, she asked me if I'm her father and I said yes... She showed an expression like so my father has finally come to rescue me.
I asked her where is her mother and she told me that her mother went out with her husband. I was shocked that her mother is married now. I now said to myself that why did God not tell me that her mother is married now..

I told my daughter to pack her bag and that we are going. While I was speaking English she was speaking Igbo to me. I now said to myself that why did God not tell me that my daughter cannot speak English.
My daughter went inside and brought one dirty looking bag. When I looked inside the bag, I saw only I cloth and some rags that look like bed sheet. I was disappointed. I said to myself that why did God not tell me that my daughter didn't have clothes.. My daughter was now wearing a very dirty school uniform.

As we were about to go, my daughter ran to meet somebody in the compound. She went and hugged the person and it seemed like its that person that looks after her...
The person spoke a little English to her and she responded. She waved goodbye to the person and we left...

(3) As I woke up this morning, I had a vision. I was in my room and I saw alot of girls outside our compound, then later I noticed that one of them was waving goodbye to me through my TV and later she disappeared.. In my mind I was saying I hope she is not coming into my room.
Just immediately I was thinking, I saw another girl came out from one of the rooms in my house. I was surprised and I asked her how manage she came into my house because my doors where locked and I didn't see her enter through my door. As I was talking to her, she was going towards my door in order to go out. She looked like she was disappointed. As she was going, I started commanding fire on her and she stood by the door trying to fight back..

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  pls, help me out
Posted by: boom - 02-04-2015, 09:57 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (7)

good evening pastor. I use to dream that i may be walking, could be in a car or motorcycle and a pit will be beside the place i suppose to pass or the road wil look so thin that it would be as if i want to fall into the pit or the way will seem to be too small for me to pass. but at the end, i will pass without falling.

I can be on an upstairs or ladder, it will be as if i want fall from the height but not. Some people will even tell me to get down but i do say no.

I dreamt that me and my dad were fetching water into a drum almost filled, in my mind i was thinking the drum must have been filled if my mother joined us in fetching the water.

I dreamt that my front teeth removed. Another day i dreamt that one of my teeth removed and i swallowed it back, trying to cough it out.

I do see people in wedding dress or preparation.

My neigbour brought her child and his belongings to me to look after him that he is travelling. In real life, i know he cant leave him with me because the father is at home.

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  Dream Update
Posted by: Eowyn - 02-04-2015, 04:15 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (90)

Hello Sir,
At the end of my fasting session (where I decided to seek God's face) I had this dream last nite;

Scene 1: I was in a public bus and the driver was moving slowly and stopping at intervals and just wasting every1's time, but nobody said anything, so I got frustrated and spoke out against him. He then said in Yoruba that the lady that is angry and talking; that if I don't like the bus that I should get down. At first I did not respond but I later responded and told him to drop me and give me back my money. So he dropped me at the bus stop and there was some1 with me, another bus came and I told the person with me to hold on and not enter because I knew the driver was also going to be slow. We waited for a while at the bus stop and it seemed that there was a crowd at first; so I went to get something and by the time I came back the crowd had reduced. I was getting worried because we had been there for long, when eventually an old man at the bus stop (who had been watching us) helped us and we left.

Scene 2: It looked like I was out on a field and there was some something going on. By the time everywhere cleared. I looked and saw that I had 2 babies with me. There was someone beside me and I told the person that the fact that I had been given two babies meant that I had great and double blessings and that I know that I would be seriously attacked by the devil/jealous people because of the level of blessings I had. So we then walked into a house. The person beside me then told me that "this house belonged to that man (pointed to a man) who used to use it as a gallery, but it was taken from him". I really looked at the house and saw that though it was old (like a house that was once beautiful but was abandoned), it was still beautiful with lovely structures and there were old paintings in it. I then said to myself that I will take over this house and restore it.

Scene 3: I saw a woman that was lying down she was very beautiful and she was completely naked, there was also some one with lipstick; I asked the person beside me why I was being shown a completely naked woman; when the scene changed. It was like I was watching the scenario and I was also part of it in a way; There was a woman who was going to the hospital to see a lady whose knee was injured or had surgery (the woman's knee was bandaged and she was been taken care of by doctors. So the woman who came to see the sick woman, held a phone and the signal of the phone was interfering with the machines that was being used to treat the woman; so the sick woman told the doctor and the doctor told her to switch off the phone. The sick woman then showed the other woman her bandaged knee and told her it was healing fast.
I was wondering what this meant and was about to ask the person beside me again, when the scene changed;
I saw the same naked woman lying down again and the same scene repeated itself but this time with a different sick woman at the hospital. This woman's knee though it was healing was not healing as fast as the first woman's knee.

Then the scene changed and it seemed it was me and my mum who was beside me, we were got into a car and she was about driving, I asked her what the meaning of the dream was and why I saw the same naked woman twice in both scenes; (I knew it had to do with wordly lust; but I just did not understand it), then I looked down and saw that I was holding a nylon of crayfish (it seemed I had eaten out of it).

Please help interprete

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  Hello Pastor Bankole
Posted by: maverick231 - 02-04-2015, 03:51 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (11)

Hello Pst Bankole

Good Afternoon, How are you doing this afternoon sir,
God's blessings, protection and direction
I spoke to you a few days earlier over the fone concerning the dreams I've been having,
As directed by you i did a 3 day fast and will relate the dreams i got for each of the days fasting. I'm hoping you will be able to help me with the interpretation

{you interpreted the dreams of this day for me on the day i called you and gave me directives which i carried out}
i dosed off briefly while waiting for 12am to come. i was watching african magic before i slept off and had a momentary dream.
I saw myself running around a village kind of setting, when i turned round the cornder of a building.
On turning the corner, I saw a woman turn her back to me as if stepping away, she then turned back in my direction and seemed to splash some kind of liquid on me from a distance. I then woke up
I find myself in a walking through a library, the library seemed like a store and a library at the same time. Most people i saw in the library were wearing white or cream colored clothing. i noticed that some people were dancing and having a party while some were reading.
In the dream i was feeling sad thinking of my need for a wife. A tall very beautiful girl with lovely shape and big bosoms brushed against me rudely and i followed her, thinking in my mind that i was going to tell her that she was rude to have brushed me and that she could pay for being rude by buying me dinner.
I followed her till she got to the Librarians desk which was occupied by another pretty tall busty lady, i  sensed this was the librarian. I also liked the librarian though not as much as the first lady. The first lady stood close to the librarians desk while she did her make-up.
I sat down on the visitor's chair in-front of the librarian lady and explained to her that i wanted to meet her friend. the librarian lady left her seat while smiling and the lady i wanted to toast took her place. It felt like the librarian job was a shift work and the lady i wanted to toast was taking over the work on a shift.
We then introduced ourselves and started talking. It was clear that i liked her and she liked me
i found myself shuttling between 2 offices. i found myself in one with a lady holding a very big container/flask (as big as a medium sized drum used for keeping water ) of porridge (assaro) . I m not too sure if the porridge was finished, but it felt like the container had very little assaro left

I then woke up physically in real life from the dream and seemed to hear a voice that sounded like my step moms own. i heard her as if she was talking to my dad and she told him it was 1am

i found myself in a setting like a make shift airport, I remember trying to sign a book with a woman wo had two children, a boy and girl. I remember taking a walk and passing through different compounds of people, with the woman's son.
the next thing was i saw myself carrying a bucket of water looking for a place to bath, i saw myself passing the front of my house in my compound and saw that my neighbors had made a shower in-front of their house. i didn't want to take a bath there because it was in the open. I then went into a dirty room in another house to take my bath. I had a feeling in the dream that it was my sister's room.
I then tried to bath going as far as getting a stool for the water however because the room felt very rough and dirty i did not bath.
i saw myself walking with the boy child of the woman i met at the airport, it felt like i was really close to the boy like we were very good friends. We walked till we got to a school environment that felt like a university or secondary school abroad. I saw us trying to use the staircase to go downstairs, the staircase had some funny metal contraption like a ladder.
Our intent it seemed was to toast some girls in the school.  we passed so many girls but we dint toast any of them.
We didn't toast anyone.we tried to join some guy playing some funny game but we couldn't join him.

I found myself in an elevator with Kanye west. the elevator was in a building i used to stay a long time ago when i was a teenager. i found myself in the midst of some famous elderly white people as well as kanye west at a theater big hall with the intent to watch a play. kanye west shows me some kind of play script.  Next thing i found myself captured. And taken into the forest by a group of men. I was with other people who were captured as well.
Anyone who complained or misbehaved was instantly beaten up by the kidnappers. I tried to complain and got taken away and beaten lightly by the kidnappers. As soon as i returned one of the kidnapped people called me a fool. I recognized the guy as a Someone who used to work for the same company i am currently working for.
I started to quarrel with the guy asking him why he called me a fool. He was then taken away for some beating by the kidnappers. It felt like those kidnappers did not like people cheating or misbehaving to other people. A man who in real life  i recognize as a manager in the company i work came to meet me and then  pretended to beat/fight me.
He pulled me aside and talked to me very kindly telling me of a play he wrote about trees growing. He shows me a film/vision of a garden within the Forrest with seedlings and small trees and shrubs growing.
it seemed like we were looking at a time lapse film (Time-lapse photography is a technique used to speed up events. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing i.e. a 3hr event that has been filmed using time lapse techniques will be viewed/watched in 2mins )
The plants are growing gradually every second though very slowly. We focused on a right angle corner of the garden growing and we could see it was growing. I complained to the man who is a manager in my office about this not been what i wanted to see but he insisted on making me watch it. I noticed a few yellowish green shrubs, the plants in the garden werent that much
I can only remember snippets of this dream, I saw myself in church was walking towards and past my stepmom. Apparently i was drunk and didn't want her to know I was drunk.After i passed her, i turned around to continue walking

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  V isons
Posted by: admin - 02-04-2015, 01:34 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (6)

(1) I saw a borehole water pump. Water was gushing out and someone was trying to stop it but the water continued to flow.
(2) I saw someone vomiting
(3) I saw a straw in my mouth
(4) I saw one of my friend and he was making a phone call
(5) I saw football betting website
(6) I saw my legs and laps beneath a table and i was sited on a chair
(7) I saw staircase

Bless you

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Posted by: kunmius - 02-04-2015, 11:31 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Morning Pst.

I had a dream where me, my aunty, and her daughter were walking in a forest like environment.

We wounded up in front of a gutter with waste flowing through it. My aunty decided to jump across the gutter to land on the other side but she didn't land right and fell backwards into the gutter.

I now decided to jump to the other side of the gutter. Before jumping, i looked for a narrow side of the gutter and then jumped. I landed on the other side.

However, Due to her mom falling in the gutter, my aunty's daughter decided to swim through the waste to get to the other side of the gutter.

Thank u

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  My ex
Posted by: nonop - 02-04-2015, 10:07 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

Please help me with this dream

I was in a room/house with my ex-husband. I was watching him it seems from a bedroom and he was inside what looked like a very large closet with nice mahogany fittings, he could not see me but I could see him. He was busy going through drawers looking for papers, apparently to prove I was doing something bad to him. The strange part is that I was standing behind a wall, and when I wanted to see what he was doing it was like my eyes could penetrate the wall and I could see him. This happened a couple of times where my eyes could see through the wall when I wanted to. Anyway he was also looking for other papers that he needed for something which I can’t remember, he was also looking distressed or worried. He didn’t find the papers he was looking for to prove i was a bad person. After a while he came to the door of the room I was in and said he’s going to the doctor, he doesn’t know what to do anymore, this demon is really strong and his back hurts him. And he left to go to the doctor. As he was speaking I was feeling sorry for him that he is having trouble with his health, and thought that prayer can solve all his problems but he won’t listen anyway.

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