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  Please help!
Posted by: heisable - 27-03-2015, 09:15 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

This dreams are from my mother in law

1. She saw people buying brooms (igbale) and they gave her 4 brooms. she later dropped one of the dreams because it was too short. She put the remaining 3 in her booth.

2. She was holding a bottle that changes to a baby girl of about 10 months old

God bless u sir!

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Posted by: ebankole - 27-03-2015, 01:56 PM - Forum: Research - Replies (3)


Do you dream about numbers? here are some numbers and their meanings.

EIGHT - New beginnings.
EIGHT-EIGHT-EIGHT - The first resurrection saints.
ELEVEN - Incompleteness, disorder.

FIFTY - Symbol of liberty, freedom, Pentecost.
FIVE - God's grace to man, responsibility of man.
FORTY - Symbol of testing, trial, closing in victory or defeat (Israel in Wilderness and Jesus on the desert).
FORTY-TWO - Israel's oppression, the Lord's advent to the earth.
FORTY-FIVE - Preservation.
FOUR - Represents worldwide, universal (as in 4 corners of the earth).
FOURTEEN - Passover, time of testing.

NINE - Judgment, finality.
NINETEEN - Barren, ashamed, repentant, selflessness, without self-righteousness; faith.

ONE - God as a unity and as a source, new beginnings.
ONE HUNDRED - Fullness, full measure, full recompense, full reward; God's election of grace, children of promise.
ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN - The resurrection day; Lord's day.
ONE HUNDRED TWENTY - End of all flesh, beginning of life in the Spirit; divine period of probation.
ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR - God's ultimate in creation.
ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THREE - Revival, ingathering, final harvest of souls.
ONE THOUSAND - Maturity, full stature, mature service, mature judgment; divine completeness and the glory of God.

SEVEN - Completeness, perfection.
SEVENTEEN - Spiritual order, incomplete, immature, undeveloped, childish, victory.
SEVENTY - Number of increase, perfected ministry.
SIX-SIX-SIX - Sign of the Mark of the Beast, Antichrist.
SIXTEEN - Free-spirited, without boundaries, without law, without sin, salvation; love.
SIXTY - Pride.
SIXTY-SIX - Idol worship.
SIX HUNDRED - Warfare.

TEN - Law and order.
THIRTEEN - Sign of rebellion, backsliding, apostasy.
THIRTY - Maturity for ministry.
THIRTY-TWO - Covenant.
THIRTY-FOUR - Naming of a son.
THIRTY-SEVEN - The Word of God.
THIRTY-NINE - Disease.
THREE-HUNDRED - Faithful remnant (Gideon's army).
TWELVE - Divine government, apostolic government.
TWENTY-ONE - Exceeding sinfulness, of sin.
TWENTY-FOUR - Symbol of Priesthood courses and order.
TWENTY-FIVE - The forgiveness of sins.
TWENTY-SIX - The gospel of Christ.
TWENTY-SEVEN - Preaching of the Gospel.
TWENTY-EITHT - Eternal life.
TWENTY-NINE - Departure.
TWO - Sign for witness, testimony, or unity.
TWO HUNDRED - Insufficiency.

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  Dream & Visions Diary
Posted by: admin - 27-03-2015, 12:40 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

Good morning Pastor,

Kindly interpret this visions for me:

(1) I saw a motorcycle and the accelerator. (That is the handle where u press for the motorbike to start moving)

(2) I saw someone going through exam papers. Its like the person was marking the exam sheets because I saw some marked good and a few bad

(3) I saw a woman and she was been trying to tie a wrapper around herself for our pastor to pray for her

(4) I saw a girl and she was looking at herself if she looks fine

(5) Last night I had a dream.. I and my brother did a computer networking job for my father's friend but the connections where not working. The computers were linked together but were not seeing each other. After we left the place I told my brother that this computer networking wasn't working and I decided to call the man that has the job. I told him that we will need to repeat the networking and the man said okay and that we should come back 2moro morning by 10am.

(6) In another dream, my friend invited a girl and fornicated with her. After he finished he asked the girl to bring one her friend for me but I quickly told the girl that I'm not interested... After about a while, my friend came and said that there is a girl in the room waiting for me but I refused. I remembered my calling and told him that I'm not interested. I told myself that I will not allow pleasure of 2-5 mins to destroy my entire life and I prayed to God never to allow me fall for this

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Shocked What does this dream mean?
Posted by: Berd - 27-03-2015, 11:37 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

Good morning Pastor Ebankole, I dreamt I found myself in our house in the village ( I left the place since 2001), where I grew up, i was discussing with one of my friend, then I notice a tiger entered through the back door, we then all ran into my father's bedroom( my father is dead), we close the door but i later saw the tiger's tail passed through under the door, I ran outside because i sensed the tiger might eventually find its way into the room, (as I was running out, i notice the tiger was holding a soldering iron that belongs to me and i was thinking that has it been i know i would have plug the soldering iron so that it can shock the tiger), so i continued run, i saw my immediate elder sister outside too, I signal to her to run too, but as the tiger came outside running after me, i notice it was not only the tiger that is pursuing me, a lion was pursing me too, as i was running (naked) I was warning the people coming toward my direction but it seems the tiger and the lion are just interested in pursuing me. They almost caught up with me when I woke up. What could this mean sir?

Thank you and God bless you

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  Bell peppers
Posted by: kunmius - 27-03-2015, 07:53 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

Morning Pst,

1. I had a dream of coming across a man who sells pepper (the big red bell peppers). His peppers were place in a wooden wheel barrow. When i walked up to him, he handed me some pepper that were already packaged in a black nylon bag.

He told me that the peppers should be enough. That i won't run out of it like i did last time. He told me to pay him three three (3,3). I didn't really know if it was 330 or 3,300.

2. I came across a table where the 2 former president of U.S ( George Bush Senior and Junior ) were eating.

They were having steak and lettuce. Apparently, Bush senior really liked steak. There was a whole watermelon on the floor next to their table.

As i walked past their table, i wanted to kick the watermelon. I had already raised my feet to kick it before i changed my mind. I didn't kick it but i think i slightly placed my feet on the watermelon.

I didn't notice that George Bush Senior was watching me as i walked by. He then called me back and asked me why did i kick the watermelon.

I told him I didn't kick it that i just placed my feet on it. We kept going back and forth about kicking and not kicking the watermelon.

He then told me to go and write down my expenses ( how I spend my money) and come and present them to him. He said maybe he would introduce me to his connections.

3. I told my brother about it and he said he also met Bush senior. He said my mom brought him to our house and he tasted the product he is trying to sell. Bush senior liked it and said he would sell +1 of it ( that was how he stated it).

Thank u

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  My dreams.
Posted by: debeginin - 27-03-2015, 07:48 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

Gud day Sir.
My dreams
1) I went to prayer band meeting n met dem praying already bt when I entered d hall I discovered d person leading d prayers raised a prayer point dat a man(don't know him in real life) wasn't happy about.D prayer point was dat Buhari shd die cos he is a terrorist bt d man said no n walked out of d prayer session n I perceived dat he didn't like d prayer cos he knws Buhari not to be a terrorist.So others stood there contemplating what to do when I raised a prayer dat if GEJ is goin to continue dis corrupt practices if he wins let him die now then I woke up.
2)Dreamt our prayer ministry leader gave us a test.I think it was to draw various shapes.I knew d answers to all d questions jst dat d biro gave me pblms(if i draw d shape d ink will not jst flow though in a few cases).
When she marked our scripts she observed d biro thing.i can't remember my score bt d comment written was GOOD.
3)Dis mornin dreamt dat I was pooing in an abandoned building(very biggggg wit many rooms) when a guy( i know in really life) came and dragged me by my butt even touching my poo in d process telling me dat some people r coming after me.So I quickly stood up n made to escape bt they were already in d building,So I started tip-toeing so dat they won't hear me escape then I discovered dat they were after me cos they were angry dat my mum refused to rent out apartment to dem.Meanwhile we were stil in d building they had not seen me bt I was seeing dia every moves n avoiding dem n dis man happens to b a member of my church.
What cld all these mean Sir?

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  Awesome God
Posted by: Beebee - 26-03-2015, 11:44 PM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (6)

To God be the glory, Great things He has done in my life and that of my family. I bless the name of the Lord for putting a new song in my mouth to sing. He surprised me with a new and better job and also delivered me from the hand of the strong woman who tormented me for years, long before now. The Lord almighty used His Son Pastor Ebankole to bless me indeed, moreso changing my prayer life to become even more fervent in prayers which has brought a huge turnaround in my life. May the good Lord continue to bless, strengthen and uphold him in Jesus name. And to every one sharing in this testimony, the good Lord will bless you all beyond measure. Amen!

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  my dream
Posted by: chochopiro - 26-03-2015, 04:26 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

Had a dream sir,my brother went somewhere with his new born baby,wen he came back we were together.So i was suppose to help him carry d baby to d mum,but d baby was still very tender.So i was trying to carry d baby alongside with wat he was sleeping on,the baby started crying and considering d baby tender nature i asked my brother to carry d baby himsef.So i left and was going someone with 2 little boys say of about 4years old.We got to somewhere where i saw some little boys playing football and one of the little boys with me was behind me and i ask him to come infront of me so i could keep my eyes on him wen i woke up

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  My Dreams Diary
Posted by: sinnexify - 26-03-2015, 03:29 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good Morning sir, please, I need your help in the interpretation of my dreams.

1. I was on a queue waiting to use the ATM, there were 2 ATMs in front, one was working while the other one was not working. When it was turn to use the ATM, it seems like I was looking at something or thinking about something, in all, I was distracted, then someone behind me went to use the ATM, that was when I came back to my senses, as the person finished using the ATM, another person behind me wanted to also use the ATM, that was how I ran ahead and use the ATM.

As I was using the ATM, something came to me, I don't know if it is a person, a shadow or a force, all I know is that it was something evil. The being said if I give him my blessing he would give me 50,000 dollars or something, I refused, he kept on increasing the money he would give me, it even got to millions of dollars. I was almost tempted, in fact I was tempted, but I told the being that even if he gives me the whole world, I won't give him my blessing.

2. I was going somewhere with friends or family, then we passed where they were having a party or naming ceremony, we decided to join them because of free food. In the course of the party, I saw my elder sister, she was drinking a soft drink, when she saw me, she came to me and gave me the thing she was drinking, as I was about to collect it, a woman behind me just tapped my hand, when I looked back she was shaking her head, which meant that I shouldn't collect it. So, I did not collect the drink from her or any drink in the party.

3. I was writing an exam, in fact, we wrote like 12 papers in 4 days. After each paper, I was always happy because they were so easy. At the end of the exams I was already rejoicing because I knew I was going to be the best, while my friend was not happy because it seemed like he did not do well.

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Posted by: ebankole - 26-03-2015, 12:17 PM - Forum: Announcements and Help - Replies (7)

Greetings and morning to you all in jesus name, brethens,sisthrens.

May the lord bless and continue to lead us according to his will/righteousness.

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