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Posted by: ebankole - 01-04-2015, 11:16 AM - Forum: Research - No Replies


Some were born rich, the others were born poor. Some need to go thru hell b4 they could achieve meaningful things in life, while the others have meaningful things (breakthrus, if u will call it dat) thrown at them. So, some have it easy while some have it tough. But doesn't EVERYONE still have a cross to bear?

Therefore, life seems a battle ground, and it's a survival of the fittest. But it wasn't so before Adam's fall in the Eden. Mn had ALL things easy then. Sin came and so did toil and strain. God says to Man, hencefort, you will now work and suffer for every comfort you will ever desire for yourself Gen 3:16-19.

Jesus came so that we can redeem the very thing dat Man lost in Eden, Life in God (Rom 6:23). Jesus says, I come that you might have life and to also have it more abundantly John10:10. So, Jesus came to give us life and life more ABUNDANTLY. This means, suffering afflictions should not be for a follower of Christ, we should enjoy daily breakthrus.

Does life abundantly come without a strife? Not at all, u must fight for it. Because Jesus also says, Since d time of John d baptist, d kingdom of God suffers violence and the VIOLENT take it BY FORCE (Matt.11:12). What's d kingdom of God? Those are d good things u want in life and even in eternity at last.

So, the question is, Do you really want what you want or you can do without it? If u really NEED the breakthrough u desire, then u must fight for it and be VIOLENT about it, or else it will just be a mere wishful dream to be carried to d grave (I forbid dat for u).


Personal convenience must go while u fast and pray. It's a time of necessary sacrifice. there are some breakthroughs u won't get UNTIL u join fast to your prayer Mark 9:29.

Some don't want a break at all from the eating and drinking, and even their self indulgences and yet they want miracles to happen. Do u know some will even still continue in their sins of womanizing, stealing in offices, cheating etc and will still be complaining God didn't hear their prayer Isaiah 59:1,2; Rom6:1,2.

Therefore, prepare to give what it takes for victory and abstain from sin. Now coming to your specific question, Anyone working in any place can fast and pray where ever they are, the matter depends on how desperate u are in getting your problems solved. You will not die.

Bank environment is a tense and busy place so u may not have too much luxury of reading Bible, but u can pray ALL that time in your heart while working and God Who is faithful and MERCIFUL will hear u. The Bible says, 'For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.' (2Chron. 16:9).

Bless u all!!
Culled : angelrhalp and edited by me.


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  Dreams and Visions
Posted by: admin - 01-04-2015, 09:35 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

(1) I had a dream where I was watching a football match. The football match was played in a country. During the match there was a feeling that one particular opponent will win. A certain player (Paul Scholes) was with the ball and he dribbled so many people and as he was about to score a goal, he was tackled and brought down by the opponent (Colombia) player in the penalty area. The referee gave the opponent a red card and sent him off. His colleagues came to the referee and were complaining about the red card. After the match I noticed that the stadium in which the football match was played is on a higher level... The height of the stadium was as high as a water tank that is mounted in a house.. 

I woke up

***I think this dream is related to the presidential elections that Buhari won.. Sometime last month I got a revelation where some people including me were congratulating Goodluck Jonathan. So yesterday I was wondering and asking God why is it that Buhari won...*** (Pls ask God for the exact meaning)... Its like Buhari might be disqualified later by a court case

(2) I had a dream where I was washing my clothes and my God ordained wife was passing by. She looked sad, worried and depressed. She almost passed me without even noticing me. And then she suddenly realised that it was me and then she stopped and told me she is sorry that she has not called me since. She said it was because "Enough women ????????????????" 
She didn't complete what she was telling me. I noticed she also had an injury on her neck. I asked her what happened to her... 
Then God showed me a picture containing a group of women.. I cant count the number of women in the picture but it seemed like this women belong to same family bcos the picture looked like a family picture... I asked God who are these women and as I was trying to look closer to the picture to see if I can recognise the women, God removed the picture...

(Pls I'm worried about this girl. Her phone has been switched off for more than a month now and I can't reach her. 
(a) What has happened to her?
(b) Why did God remove the picture when I was trying to look closer to the picture to find out who these women are?

I had the following visions this morning:

(3) I saw a pot on fire and there was food been cooked inside the pot... The outside of the pot was very black but the food inside the pot was clean..

(4) I saw a girl drop her purse. She looks like one of these runs girls that I have had sex with in the past.

(5) I saw another girl, she was holding her breast and shaking it. She was doing it the way prostitutes used to advertise their body.

(6) I saw a man pointing to himself and doing a gesture to suggest that he is asking if he is the one they are calling.

(7) I saw someone wearing a shoe and the sole of the shoe is peeling off from the shoe.

(8) I saw a dog

***All the visions from number 3 - 8 are related to each other...***

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  urgent pls interpret
Posted by: glory150 - 01-04-2015, 09:03 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

After praying in the night i dreamt that i saw apostle johnson suleman ( even though i like him and watch his program on television). It all started like these that we were on lining up and we took ticket number i took like ticket 23 or 24 then i collected for my sisters. Then apostle suleman told us to all enter then they divided us then i was in the first set me and one of my sister but the other one had to wait for the next set then when we entered apostle suleman sat down and told us to bring something that hewanted to check somethimg then some people brought their bags but i left my bag outside as i just brought my cloth then as apostle johnson was raising people bag lo amd behold the bags were crying as if they needed deliverance as evil spirit were there
Then when he got to my turn i pointed to my jeans and one other cloth he told me to go and bring my bag then i ran out called my sister but she was eating so she dropped her food and brought my bag then i ran back to apostle johnson suleman when i got there he was carrying a fine baby i was happy that he loves as he was about to talk to me and tell me the solutions i woke up.but also in the dream i saw some of my former schoolmate and they were making people's hair then i was trying to dodge from them but later i didnot even mind if they were there i was now focused on what we were doing.

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Thumbs Up Battle continues
Posted by: Cynthia - 01-04-2015, 07:41 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good morning pastor,

The battle u said I was going to face while interceding on behalf of my aunt has started. I had my mid9t prayers last 9th on behalf of my aunt, I prayed n equipped myself before interceding den I had dis dreams.

I dreamt we were noticed for an interview an a blue bus waited to pick us up to my location. The bus was going smoothly until it came to a turn n d driver turned so fast dat it seems like we in d car was almost touching d ground n wth d rough driving n d force wc just threw everyone out of d bus. But I entered dat bus wth my file dat includes so much documents n my shoes wth a fone I tink, but wen I was flunged out of d bus I cldnt find any of dose tins n it was dark n I kept on searching until someone from d interview centre told me to come in nw or I won't be allowed to do d interview after dat n so I went in but b4 dat I tried to luk for d blue bus dat brought us but cldnt find it, it was as if it has disappeared n in place of it was a white fine bus. So I went in n saw some of dose dat came 4 d interview n a girl among dem asked were I left my file den immediately I saw all my belongings dat I was luking 4 close to her n I took it back but I noticed dat the shoes were d same colour bt one is mine n d oda isn't, wen we were done I came back to dat place we're d bus threw us out n kept on search 4 d oda leg of my shoe till I found it, I dispose D wrong shoe n took d two of mine wth me.

2nd. I dreamt were I was make my hair till 6 am in d morning: I was unable to go to wrk early so I called some of my colleagues dat I was going to join dem n go to wrk bt wen dey came I wasn't ready, I pleaded wth dem to wait, I called 2 diff people incase if one goes dat I cld go wth d oda. But we're ready n waiting for me n I was hungry n went to d kitchen n started eating d yam dat was kept dere. Dey were angry cos I was wasting deir time. So I woke up n I really prayed against glory snatchers n against d food n annointed myself.

Thank you as always pastor.

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  kitchen scene
Posted by: joy. - 31-03-2015, 02:37 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Please pastor, help me with this dream, and thank you in advance
I have this friend that I know since my little childhood, and we love each other more than friends, and I am really close to him.
He has 2 children with a lady he is not marry to

I was at my parents house going to the kitchen when I saw a woman that I know cooking some steaks in a large pot, my mom was standing there, and I then decided to cook some rice so we can all eat together,  all of a sudden I realized that not far from the kitchen my friend's kids and their mom were renting a bedroom there in my parents house for few days, whitout even coming out of it. They had 2 visitors 2 times,  and before their visitors left the house, each time they come to say hello to me, and always figured out that I knew them, friends or classmates.
Then, I was still in the kitchen but the kitchen looked different that time, more sophisticated,  clean,  bigger.
That lady then came at the kitchen door, asking people outside the house where my family is located, I could hear her from inside, she then came in with the kids. I invited them in, and started crying to myself that why isn't she leaving me alone, why is she still looking after me. Suddenly my friend himself came while I was crying and was asking the lady why she is there ? Why she was looking after me?
I dried my tears and was relieved,  anyway I told the lady to sit that I was cooking and will feed the kids since the boy like plantain I will fry some for him.
I went back to cook with my friend,  we found my mother was back there. I introduced him to her as she had always wanted to see him. And we started to cook together joyfully him and I.
Stay blessed

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  Faced with a kangaroo court
Posted by: Spora - 31-03-2015, 09:40 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (7)

A former colleague at work was doing part-time studies and somehow combined with an armed force course. I was like - give me d details am very much interested. He did ofcourse but with emphasis on how d efforts has drain him financially.
I visited him in class but sat at d far back to show am not a classmember but could still communicate wit that colleague of mine. At a point d force instructor came to d back and took my seat(like he want to attend to his visitor). I got another seat closer to d students.
Few row away I saw a secondary school classmate among d students and decided to say "Hi". we were in d middle of handshake when d instructor came and demanded what was I doing in his class? I replied that I wasn't in his class initially until he took my seat. Even then he insisted I wasn't on d seat he saw me when he took my seat.
I wasnt worried at all but felt sorry for the secondary school classmate because he could be expelled.
Continues: I saw the school admin(white ladies one was even nursing a baby) coming in a car and a kangaroo court was set for the erring student(secondary schoolmate) and me.
Surprisingly, d court clerk call out, " This is a platform for d 'homo' students to defend themselves!(I was like: what?! that instructor must b high on something; so this was what d whole buzz was all about?)
Well I was going to defend myself and d whole spectators were hailing me like a celebrity and I acknowledge by waving the peace sign when I wake up.

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Posted by: Cynthia - 31-03-2015, 09:14 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good morning pastor,

I forgot to include dis dream to d one I sent previously. I dreamt were a supervisor of mine told my colleague to give me some to do n she made a snide remark dat I am champion in dat meaning Dat is all I ever know. I was hurt and told a senior colleague of mine dat can help dat I dnt wnt to be doing tins like dat again dat he shld help so I can do d odas stuff dat she tot I can never do or dat wc dat supervisor is working against me nt to be able to do. In reality dis supervisor has been against me 4 so long and I have spoken to you abt her.

Thank you

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  Adjustable bed
Posted by: kunmius - 31-03-2015, 08:54 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Morning Pst. Bankole,

Please i had the following dreams:

I was sitting with an old man in a living room and talking. The old man had a dog. To me, the dog was invisible. It was hard to see due to its weird grey color.

It came into our presence while me and the man were talking. It sat there calm, but later on when i got up from my chair and moved, it was grinning viciously.

2. I was suppose to spend the night at a woman's home. When i got to the home, I noticed 2 things. She wanted to have sex with me and her bed was very small. It was so small that when i laid on it, i was laying on the 2 ends of the bed frame, which was very uncomfortable.

When she went into the bathroom, i followed her and told her that we should wait till marriage to have sex.

She agreed with me but was concerned at the same time. She told me that she wants to see my resume. I told her that I would give her my resume when i have the chance.

What amazed me was how she then adjusted her bed frame to a longer length. As a result, we were both able to lay on it comfortably.

She then told me that she worried about her age though. That she is 32 and I told her not to be worried that i will be 30 soon.

Thank u

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Posted by: Cynthia - 31-03-2015, 07:16 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good morning pastor,

I had my mid9t prayers and interceded on my aunt's behalf against d spirit of death n I had d following dreams.

I dreamt were I was in d hospital n a nurse wantd to extract blood 4rm to run some tests bt I remembered dat I was fasting n yet to eat n it ll take me hours to break my fast. So I told her dat I was going to come back for d extraction n walked away den I totally 4got dat I was supposed to go back to the hospital bt wen I remembered it was wen my mum, bro n I were in the bus going home n I cldnt go back n tot dat I might go back later. Wen we got home I realised dat it wasn't a house I knw bt it seems like were we are living in the dream. As we were abt to go upstairs I heard an argument going on wth our downstairs neighbour and behold dis downstairs neighbour is dis guy I have talking to u about n his mother bt I cldnt see d mother's face neither cld I make out the words she was saying bt I cld hear him trying to talk d mother out of something bt he I wasn't sure he saw me; I was a bit surprised cos that is not were dey live in reality n I went upstairs in dat same house cos dat is were we are living n I was equally shock bcos he is someone who doesn't like getting into an argument in reality.

2nd. I was sleeping in room n woke up to find out dat my front tooth has fallen, I cldnt believe it n dere was blood all over my mouth, I was devastated n saw dat almost all d teeth in my mouth were all gone den I started crying like who is nw gonna find me attractive n d like. So I said to myself dat it is a lie n a nightmare n was just speaking words on encouragement to myself n went to look closely at d mirror n found dat my tooth were intact bt if I luk at d mirror a certain way I ll see a bloody mouth n missing tooth like someone involved in an accident bt once I luk close I ll see a clean mouth with teeth intact.

3rd. There was a situation n people were dieing n it came to my family n want to take one, I felt d spirit of death was close n started praying; I prayed like a wild n mad person in dat dream dat death might hv power or take odas bt ll never succeed wth mine. I continued to pray until I felt his presence living us n going to anoda family den and den it vanished n death stopped visiting people, den I saw my family wth other families dat came to bury their loved ones on the field, dey were trying to console dem n it was like I was watching a screen at was happening den I said to myself dat thank God my family didn't loose anyone to the spirit of death n woke up. My family dat am talking abt is like more dan my present family, like we were a large in dat dream.

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Posted by: abycok - 30-03-2015, 01:52 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

Good afternoon sir.
I have been having some dreams which i have been experiencing challenges in interpreting and it has been bothering me as well.
I relocated from lagos some few years back and came back about 2 years ago. When i came back, on different occasions, i have dreamt seeing myself rescue a child from danger, pat and take care of kids(between 1-4 years). Sometimes, i care for a girl, boy and on one occasion twins- 2 boys. Recently, i was feeling so downcast (as a result of some challenges my family has been experiencing for some years now which we have prayed, fasted, done deliverance and still waiting) and i slept off on the sofa i was sitting. While sleeping on the sofa, i had a dream where i was trying to take care of a baby in a woman's hands and the baby turned away crying. The woman then asked me if i know why the baby is crying and i replied that i didnt. She answered that because it is not yet time for me and i woke up. I'm confused, please help.
Thank you
(I'm a sister yet to get married)

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