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Star Visions & Dreams
Posted by: admin - 26-03-2015, 10:32 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

Good morning Pastor,

I have not posted dreams and visions for some days now bcos I have been lazy about it. Though God has been speaking to me and also showing me so many visions and signs... Most of the visions I saw are as a result of my thoughts and immediate situation I find myself entangled with... I pray God gives you the wisdom and knowledge to interpret them...


(1) While I was in church yesterday, I was feeling sleepy and God revealed this to me; I saw the back of a chair and on it there was a paper placed on the back of the chair...

(2) Last night while I was meditating, I saw someone washing a dirty pot and later the pot became clean...

(3) Later again last night, God showed me two brooms. One of the broom was tied with a red cloth and the other with a blue cloth at the head. 

(4) This morning I saw a woman sweeping a house with a broom...


(1) I had this dream last night... Before the dream, God told me that He is going to lift me higher/richer than any king...
In the dream, there was a very very very high wall that was built. There was somebody that was climbing the wall and he asked me to come with him to watch a football match and I followed him. We climbed the wall and got to the top. From the top there was enough space where one can relax and from there I could see the whole country. Infact I was watching my favourite club which is Chelsea. They were doing some training in the stadium and they didn't allow anybody inside the stadium and so we went to the top of the wall to watch them. From the top I could see almost anywhere. Initially I was scared that I will fall off but then I summoned up courage and held myself...

Later after watching the football training, I climbed down and wanted to go home. There was a van that was ready to take us home and we all sat at the back of the van... When we took off, we got to a place that was so high... Infact I have never seen a place like that in my life... It was a road and it looked like we were on the mountain part of the road. Our van stopped and when I looked at the remaining road, we were on a hilly part and I became scared that if our van tries to pass that road down to the slope, the van might summersault... The driver of the van even said that if he is going to pass this side, he will not need to turtle down the accelerator or waste his fuel. It will be very easy for his van to move... I woke up

(2) 2 days ago, after my midnight prayers, I fell into a trance and I had this revelation... I saw a friend of mine and he said he had a job he got from the internet. The job is about some people that are in jail in Pakistan.. I told him that one of my friend in Europe is already handling this kind of job and he will do this one perfectly... The guy pushed the job to me and behold I saw that the there were two brothers who are in jail for the killing of somebody... They are looking for a way out to come of jail in Pakistan... These 2 brothers are from a very rich family and they are ready to pay any amount of money to come out of jail. While I was working on their case, someone came from no where and killed the two of them. I asked the person, why did u kill them and the person said that if the case against this brothers continues that he might be implicated and that's why he killed them. I told the man that killed them that I was already working on their case and its a pity he didn't know and just wasted their lives... 
In another part of the dream, I saw my aunt (my mother's sister) calling me to come and have some food. She said she is preparing some food for me to eat. Some other things happened that I cannot remember... Pls ask God what this dream really means.. I'm confused  

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Posted by: adeby - 26-03-2015, 06:48 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (355)

I dreаm my friend wife took me on bike she bought biscuits we left there аnd wаs going to buy other things she left me there аs I wаs looking for my wаy bаrk home some guys want to charm and kidnapped me I escape.I went to enter a bus the bus took us to a shrine for sacrifice.I saw some people where chained. they use the first two people they could not use me so i ran away.I fought the guards and something took me away from there.I woke up.

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  my dream
Posted by: eooj - 26-03-2015, 06:44 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (6)

Morning ebankole...more grace

I was in my uncles houz n was preparing to travel(though d houz lookedd like our former houz). Den in d hhouz, it seems there was a church cos I could here d drums n all dat. So while we were sitting in the living room, a woman came to knock on d door saying dat we shud come n adjust our car outside cos dangote has come. We were like its a lie. But later we went out to verify her claim. As soon as we got out, there came a bus which was gonna convey passengerss to where I wanted to travel to. So my aunt said I shud follow dis partiicular bus. We started to hurry, to get ma bbags ready and all dat. But before den, my uncle wanted to give me sometin before I left, there was a picture on a wall n on it were some of his kids. He reached out for iit but bcos I was in a hurry, I ddnt knw wat he wantd to give or do with it. Wen I got to d bus, they were screening was now getting late. I was so curioous as to wat was in d pix so I went bak to d house, by den everyone was asleep. I carried d pix n it was kinda heavy. So I opened d frame n enclosed in it were some old pictures of my uncle wen he went abroad. I was goin tru d pictures till ii finished. Wen I got to d end, I now saw a book(cnt remember d title). I was using ma yunga brothers fone as a source of light. So later wen my yunger brother came to d living room n saw me, I now woke up


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  urgent pls interpret
Posted by: glory150 - 24-03-2015, 08:34 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (8)

I dreamt today that i was in a church and a pastor i know in real life the pastor was praying for us then when he got to my turn and laid hands on me and was praying for me i fell down on the floor then he told me that the attack is from the back of my neck and the solution to my problem is to go and lie on stones then after i left him i went to go and get stones then i woke up.

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  Throwing up in the dream
Posted by: ebloom - 24-03-2015, 10:01 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good morning pst,
Please assist me with this dream.
I bought some items like combs and some personal items. I put them all in a nylon in my ex'sa car and he drove off*m I thought he was going to come back so I could collect the items. He didn't come on time and I was sad saying my birthday had passed.

In another dream, I saw him where we fellowship. He was seated where the Pastor sat like a throne. He summoned me and asked me to stand before him. He had on a crown and was mocking me that he is a landlord and I am a tenant.

I woke up and prayed for a while till I slept off again. I later saw myself in my house. My elder sister had on a black small sandal and she kept walking back and forth in it. Another sister of mine told her to be careful so she doesn't spoil it. A man later came and asked her to come and model for him join his group of models on the runway. My father was mocking me and saying why didn't I join them, I later saw the sister of someone I was supposed to marry. She came with a man that was like a driver to him. She was dressed in all white and they were served food.

It later switched to a scene where it was like a church( the church that owns my university). Many of my old coursemates were in the hall. They were so many. They all sat in pairs even people I used to talk to. I was alone. I found a chair and sat in it. The chair wasn't so good. Suddenly, a secretary in my former place of work came to the door of the hall and called my name, she said " so you are back". She was angry and walked away. I got up and was saying I don't have any best friend so nobody should come and disturb me. I was referring to the woman. People were now laughing at what I said. I staggered out of the hall like I was drunk and it seemed the church service had just started. I got out and went into another building and passed out.

I heard a prayer point on any pending power manipulating my glory, die by fire. I woke up in the dream shouting Amen. As I shouted amen, I vomited a lot of things. I realised I was in my room and a man was lying by my side in boxers and socks but I was fully dressed. He got up and started cleaning the vomit. I went outside to call a cleaner and she came in with a mop. The man was still in the bathroom cleaning up the place. I felt like I still had more in my mouth and throat. I was still gagging when I woke up.

Please help me.

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  Weird Dreams
Posted by: ebloom - 23-03-2015, 04:13 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

Good day Pst,

I have been having some weird dreams. It's been too constant to be ignored.

First, I was in a church and a lady who looks un refinded(pardon my use of the word) was given the microphone by the choir master to lead just as I was passing by her. Then somone close to me had her debt written off by a creditor.

Also I find myself holding onto 1/4( one quarter) of food items instead of the full one. I was given a full yam. I cut out one quarter and left the other part. Same with bread and about two sachets of pure water.

The last one was when I went to collect something I bent someone, they insisted on returning to me when they finish with it. When I woke up, I felt I should have demanded for it angrily instead of letting it go. Please I need prayer points and if fasting is needed, i'll gladly go on it.

Thank you.

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  My wife dreamt
Posted by: dejooma - 23-03-2015, 01:47 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (5)

Pastor Bankole, goodday, may God continually uphold you. My wife dreamt that we were driving in a car and all of a sudden two large ripe pawpaws dropped into our car. What could this mean please?

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  Goodmorning brethens/sisthrens.
Posted by: ebankole - 23-03-2015, 12:23 PM - Forum: Announcements and Help - No Replies

Morning and greetings to you all in jesus name.

To your dreams now.

Bless u all.

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  please help
Posted by: mercy - 23-03-2015, 09:18 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - No Replies

Pastor,pls did u get my dream,cause it is not displaying,can't see it.

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Posted by: mercy - 23-03-2015, 09:01 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (19)

Hello pastor,I had a dream I was travelling in a bus to my sister's shop and I packed 3bags,and when I got to my destination,only 2 of the bags were found,a woman ws in charge of luggages,we were looking for it when I woke up.pls help interpret sir.

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