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  Thank God I finally registered
Posted by: childofGod - 24-04-2015, 09:44 AM - Forum: Announcements and Help - Replies (1)

I was able to register after I tried and I was denied because the system thought it was spam. Thank God that I am finally here.

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  my dreams
Posted by: daporeals - 23-04-2015, 11:21 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (15)

good morning pastor
sir i had two dream lately
i had a dream in that dream i saw myself writing an online exam during the exam i was having challenges with time,but what amaze me was that i saw my colleagues urging me to be fast that i should look the time na,the next i saw was that i was meditating within me that i will do the one know first before coming back to tackle those intriguing question sir i real life am an exam later this yr,and is one exam am look forward to,even i do prayed abut it,
second dream
i saw myself and my colleagues sitting down in our workshop,immediately i saw one guy through the window standing on an high beam outside saying i dont know why they brought you guy here,immediately i hold a big rod in my hand,open the door went toward where is standing and i use it to hit him,the next thing i saw him following downing from the high beam he was standing on
pls sir what does it mean

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  Mum dream
Posted by: Cynthia - 22-04-2015, 07:16 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good morning pastor,

My mother had dis dream about these family friend's children we accommodated and assisted in their time of need and some of dem frustrated my parents especially my mother but dey re grown ups now n some hv married n given birth, so in dis dream she saw dem all come to our house wth their children bt we didn't give dem attention so dey left wth their children cos in reality dey re always bringing issues and dey wnt to come to d house bt all dey hv is my number n am nt obliged to give dem d address. In dat dream we didn't give dem audience as dey came to see my mum.


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Posted by: kunmius - 21-04-2015, 09:03 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

Morning Pst. Bankole,

1. I had a dream where a popular musician came out with a new song called deception. The song was basically telling a woman not to fall in love with him so she won't wind up getting hurt. The chorus of the song was deception.

2. Saw like 3 boys being attacked physically while sleeping. They were attacked by a group of guys who I perceived to be gang members.

One of them saw me watching the attack from a balcony and ran towards me. It seemed like he was coming to attack me bcos i was watching and they didn't want to leave any evidence behind.

When he came to where i was, i told him to calm down and spoke to him for a while. I asked him what school he attended but he didn't want to disclose it to me so as to cover up their identity.

However, the name of his school was printed on the shirt that he was wearing but he didn't notice that. I took a glance at the name of his school and acted like I didn't see. We spoke for a while and he eventually left.

Thank u very much

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Posted by: eooj - 20-04-2015, 04:46 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good aftnoon ebankole...more grace

Well some time laast week or so, I dreamt dat I was on my
bed gissting wit one of ma sis wen dat ma cousin came in.
She was arranging some cloths, so I decided to talk to her in
a playfull manner den she frowned her face without
answering me. Den later, she walked over to me wit her face
lookin down n saiid she was sorry n dat she didn't kknow
why she has been aacting diis way...I was suprised n I axed
her to repeat herself sodat I wud b sure I heard her well, n
she said it again quietly as if sshe waas afraid.

My little sister also told me daat she dreamt dat while I was
on my bed, diss cousin oof mine came over n told me dat
she forgave me, den we reconciled n hugged each
other....some days laater, he now told me dat she dreamt
again dat whiile we were eaating in d dining, dis couin of
mine came over n said apoogised to me again but dis tiime
she said it was her elder sis that told her to do so.


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  dream meaning
Posted by: funky - 20-04-2015, 04:33 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (105)

I dreamt I saw myself in my secondary school dressing iin uniform and sEeing the pictures of top musicians who were also part of us but we couldn't found them
2. Dreamt I saw my mum telling to go to her shop and I was telling her no next thing I found myself in dat shop where she was selling tomato and a guy came dat he wanted to buy the ingredient for moimoi and I told him we have beans and he asked me to measured a tin and he poured the pepper inside a tin and I was complaining to a lady that the tin is not full and the lady told me that daats the way my mother measured it dat I should leave it like dat and the guy was carrying lots of money in his bag and he was looking for who to help him to go and make the moimoi at home

Dreamt I was being pursued by some men and. Hid in a complex where a woman gave me a milk and I drank whch I later spt out and the milk has condensed and the people thought am dead then I ran out of the place and was running on the road and an earthquake occur the land was broken into two and. Fell down hurting my mouth while I was shouting dat God should have mercy on me later I found my self in a place closer to my home and two men were still after methen they followed me to home trying to take my son from me and my brother wanted to rescue me but they use a knife to hit is throat and asked me to go inside wth my son then I woke up

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Posted by: nonop - 20-04-2015, 03:34 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

Pls help me with these dreams
Dream 1
I was in a taxi rank next to a primary school I attended. I saw a fresh grave with flowers on top and as I walked on I saw two others and I was trying to avoid them as I was walking.

Dream 2

I was in an open area like a stadium and there were people there who had come to watch whatever was being played. I was with two women I don't know and one of them was sitting in front of me and another one was trying to put nail polish on my toenails and I refused I said I don't put that stuff on my feet but it also looked like I had it on my toes already. Then she offered to put make up on and I refused again stating I don't use those things. The lady who was sitting in front of me said they had waisted their money they must be paid back because I don't want any of the things they are doing to me. Then I saw people cheering for whatever was going on in the sports arena, but they were doing something strange. They were jumping sideways moving along with the action in the arena.


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  What an awesome God
Posted by: nonop - 20-04-2015, 12:20 PM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (4)

I just want to give God the glory for His faithfulness, indeed the word says those who trust in the Lord will never be put to shame. I refer to the dream interpretations below, dreams 2,3,4. This morning I got a phone call from a prospective employer saying they need to send me something. Lo and behold it was a letter of employment and they want me to start on the 1st May. A few weeks back I had another dream and pastor ebankole interpreted it to mean the enemy wants to hijack it and I went on 3 days fast and prayed to God to get it back for me. My God is faithful. Thank you so much Pastor Ebankole for your diligence in doing the work of the Lord even though we don't even pay you. For me I know I would not have known the devil wanted to hijack my job had it not been your interpretations. I thank the Lord for giving me the grace to show me what is happening in my life and for having someone who can decipher these messages. And I quote Luke 1:25 “Thus the Lord has done for me in the days when he looked on me, to take away my reproach among people"

1. The lord, why are you playing with the tail of a snake?
Stop this its dangerous. What exactly is the lord talking about? Sister? Seems you are going/doing something wrong and the lord isn't please with this.
What what's this tail? Could be sin,going astray,backsliding, mixing yourself with the things of the world or wrong people? Please make amend and ask the lord to open your eyes.

2. You will get letter of employment soon, as the lord said you have been favoured and this company shall be please with you in all ramifications so much that u shall be honour and find favour before all.
But do pray for fast manifestation of this.

3. Conditions and rules shall be lay down, someone,somewhere, something might want to weigh you down but give him,don't let down your guide/faith .
In essence the might manifest In form of lower salary, just something that might weigh you down.
But trust me, you want to stay as the lord have something more and goodies for you, you just have to endure for a while.
Don't give in to condition that's avoidable and fixable.
Remember, Rome wasn't build in a day: patient, endurance will be needed.

4. Hmnm, indeed, the job is here and it's glaring but I see a bit challenges here and there and trying to cope with your son and job.
I pray when the time comes, the lord will give u wisdom to do the right thing so that one wouldn't affect the other.

Bless u

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  new dreams
Posted by: maverick231 - 19-04-2015, 10:32 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (31)

Good morning Pastor......
May God's blessing rest and overflow in your life.

I feel silly relating this dream. Maybe it does not have any meaning. Lately it seems i dont dream much or cant remember most of the details of my dreams.
Please kindly help me with this dream.
I dreamt i was in my house but it seemed like the freezer and fridge was missing From the kitchen.
In real life i do have a fridge and freezer

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Posted by: nonop - 18-04-2015, 08:01 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

Greetings in Jesus mighty Name
Please help me with these dreams..

Dream 1
I was in a room with 2 or 3 people and I saw a snake hanging on the nail behind a door where people normally put their coats or bags, the door was closed and all of us could see it. I don't know what it was doing there but I remember touching its head trying to provoke it and it got angry. I can't remember anything else but I remember that I woke up.

Dream 2
I got a call from the HR woman at the company I applied for a job. She said she will come and see me to sign documents. She said they were so impressed at my interviews like they've never experienced something like that. In the dream I remembered that I had had a dream where the woman said the same thing to me. Next thing I was in this large building that looks like a warehouse. It was really large and there were people working inside. Someone said something that made me go around the building greeting the men that were working there. Then I went back to where I originally was and the HR lady came and she had a folder in her hands. She took out the papers and we realized I needed a pen and I went to the men and borrowed it and came back, sat on the desk and got the papers in front of me and woke up.

Dream 3
The HR lady was speaking to me while I was preparing to go and start the job. She said I probably shouldn't go and she made some excuse and I said no way I will take the job. She said but you can take another one that will come up. I said I will take this one. She said well she was just thinking of me because this is the third year (I understood it as meaning I will be bored coz there won't be much to do). I said I will take the job.

Dream 4
I was somewhere with my parents trying to decide whether to leave my son with them for a while when I go to start the job. Other things happened as well which I don't have much details.

Thank you

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