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  hair, shoe
Posted by: justified - 28-03-2015, 11:41 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

1. I had a dream on Monday night precisely. I was gisting with my younger sister about how my dad's birthday celebration went. I then turned to dress up and go back home. While looking in d mirror, I ran my hands through my hair and my hair fell out in large chunks. Any part of my hair I touched, the hair fell out, and I now had short curly hair and it looked beautiful. I was puzzled as to why my hair fell out that way but I wasn't sad in the dream. When I woke up, I just knew it wasn't a good dream and I prayed and cancelled it. I also started midnight prayers.

2. Last night, I missed my prayers. I had two dreams. The first was good because I went for a church program, and my pastors wife prayed for me and I was healed of fibroid, was told that my pregnancy is gonna be successful but I should avoid accident and God had given me what I asked him for in my business. She also wanted my husband to desist from some habits. I woke up happy.

When I slept again, I had another dream. In this dream, my dad, siblings and i, went for an outing to a new place in town. It was a magnificent 8 floor building. We took the elevator to the 8th floor where my dad went into one of the offices to talk to someone and to ask which floor we could have our lunch. While he was in there, I was waiting in d lobby which had stairs, while climbing d stairs, my left shoe spoilt, the bottom went out and I had to remove it. I got sympathy from those around and I had to stand there barefoot on my left feet. When my dad came out and saw me, he was very upset with me. He didn't talk to me again and we left that floor and went to the 5th floor. Although he didn't say anything, it felt like he blamed me for my shoe spoiling and I should have known better than let my shoe spoil. It was as if the shoe wasn't so good before I wore it. I felt sad, and woke up.

Pleas help me interpret these dreams. Thanks.

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  interpretation of dreams
Posted by: Cynthia - 28-03-2015, 11:32 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

Good morning pastor,
Pls I had dis dreams last night : it seems I was at d backyard of my former house n was trying 2 save someone dat needed help bt didn't want odas to knw and some pple were following me to collect Wat d book d lady gave to me. Den I noticed dat dey used a very long nail to pierce thru the forehead of 2 girls togeda n dey cldnt move, 1 of dose girls luked like my colleague @ d office bt wen dey come close 2 me I point d pen I was holding @ d person dey sent 2 collect d book at his chest n tell him to nt come close to me. I woke up still holding the book. Den I prayed dose prayer points dat u gave to me and I had dese ones below.

I dreamt were I saw some of my colleagues trying to take d left bt dey were still waiting for d lift to open bt it didn't, so dey were dere waiting wen I passed by n went to see someone all of a sudden it was like i won something n was celebrating so I decided to give dem drinks bt dis drink was in a glass jug den as soon as I got to d lift area, I noticed dat some had already gone cos dey were tired of waiting 4 d lift while oda just sat on d floor still waiting; as soon as I got dere d lift open n I got in n told odas to join me which were few compared to d initial number n d lift took us up den I went toto give my uncle dat works dere d drink but as soon as I poured it, I noticed it was alalcoholic n it seems each time I try to pour it in d cup it evaporates until I had close to notin in d glass jug. Wen I luk at d man's face he luks lyk my uncle bt his countenance say otherwise cos he was sitting on a chair dat signifies authority, he was on white all thru, he was taller n didn't say anything to me, so I told him sorry dat I ll get something else 4 him cos I dnt knw y d drink evaporated.

2nd dream was dat I was in my department n I was suddenly hungry n d office assistants were nt available so I went to our cafeteria n noticed dat I didn't request dat dey reserve food or anything 4 me, so I went thru their fridge n found loaves of bread bt 4 fact dat I hadn't made a request, didn't take any either. BT I was so hungry dat someone wntd me to share hers bt I refused n went to see if I cld get any from d mallam dat sells tins close by bt on reaching dere his shop was closed den I saw my my uncle dat wrk in d same company as I driving out, so I joined him in his car, very beautiful car wen I entered d car I saw a guy dat is equally a colleague of my inside d car dat my uncle was driving bt I didn't knw y I entered or neither did I speak wth my uncle nor did I see his face n he kept on driving n I was still so hungry dat is like I bought something (akara) I can't really remember n I noticed dat he passed bush nt really dat but like a lengthy farmland where they planted grains (corn) d drive was a long one dere were odas in dat car also He was driving n I was worried cos I left d office without telling anyone anything n it was like a journey we continue until we got to a place n he dropped us den I saw d office assistant n gave him money to buy bread n something for me to make tea n dat I want a bike to take me back to d office. As he got a bike 4 me, I told him nt to worry until am done wth Wat brought me dere den I collected back d money I gave to him cos I wntd to get something. I cldnt find my uncle or his car dat dropped us n y bt I tink d place we re supposed to go to is close to d place we were dropped.
I can't grasp d meaning, pls assist pastor.

Thank you.

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  Prophetic Visions
Posted by: admin - 28-03-2015, 11:05 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Last night I had the following visions:

(1) I saw a lady wearing a pant
(2) I saw my landlord's wife
(3) I saw a woman carrying a child and she was walking into our compound
(4) I saw a man pinned to the ground
(5) I heard a voice saying "Ijeoma". 
(6) I saw my landlord's friend and he was sitting on a chair. The chair had a hole on it
(7) I heard a voice saying "The man gave him serious advice"
(8) I saw this forum

(9) I saw a vision that I have never witnessed before. The anointing of the Holy Spirit fell on me and suddenly I noticed I was wearing eye glasses on me.

I saw two women entering our compound gate. When I saw them, I quickly tried to hide myself so that they will not see me. And then God removed my eye glasses. 

*** The wearing and removing of eye glasses happened live. Perhaps what I saw was happening live ***

I prayed again for God's protection and destruction of evil plans by the enemies; Thereafter I had the following visions:

(10) I saw a dead bird with black feathers. The bird looks like an owl or vulture.

(11) I cant go out now

(12) When I fell asleep, I had a dream. I saw myself in train and the train was moving very fast. The speed of the train terrified me because I had never seen a train move that fast before. While in the train, I did a website and it was almost completed... While in the train, I saw another train came to overtake us and the two trains almost had accident.
When our train finally stopped, I was angry why the driver of the train will move that fast and I looked for the driver. I told the driver that in the name of Jesus that this train will not go anywhere till 7 days...

(13) This afternoon, that my friend whom the Lord sent me to tell him and his wife to repent of their sins came to visit me. While he was with me in the house, I fell asleep and had a dream...
In the dream, I saw a small snake on the chair in my room and immediately I called this my friend to come and see this small snake. Then suddenly I saw another snake which is a bit bigger and its like the mother of the first snake... I told my friend that the snakes are two now, a small snake and its mother... Both snakes were small and its something that could easily be killed. My friend wanted to kill it with it slippers and I told him to get something stronger so that he could kill the snake with one beating.. 

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  decayed teeth & intestines
Posted by: andyud - 28-03-2015, 11:03 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

hello my pastor,hope you can help here as i wait to retrieve my sim for whatsapp conversation... i found myself in a river in my village, removing decayed teeth and intestines from my body

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  Disagreement over fuel measurement
Posted by: Spora - 28-03-2015, 10:55 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

In the dream, A supplier was suppose supply 50ltr of fuel to power the generator at my working place.
The guy came with a 50ltr keg which was half-filled. I told him we need a full keg to which he produce a plastic bucket-full of fuel and presume that all will amount to 50ltr.
I insisted that even if he poured the bucket-filled content into the half-filled keg, all won't amount to 3/4 talk less of full 50litre. The guy later left without supplying any fuel.
What got me perturbed was that the generator set was on, and the fuel-guage was showing low.
When I called the attention of my colleagues to my observation and was wondering if I make the right decision by not making do with what the supplier brought(cos it appear like there was fuel scarcity), they were like - we will be fine; the supply guy is a cheat.

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  falling elevator
Posted by: tophil - 28-03-2015, 10:34 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

1) had a dream that my little girl was upstairs in a room and my younger brother was trying to force feed her. Then she saw me and ran towards me. It was like she was relieved to see me.
2) I had another dream that I was working in Saudi Arabia. I took my daughter to school. there was a kind of epidemic,so they were going to close all the schools for 3 weeks. I was leaving the school, some of the white people and Arabs were avoiding me. I now saw some other black arabs around so I said to myself thank God I'm not the only black person here. As I was now walking back to my hotel(or apartment not sure), I passed a building. I wanted to enter the building I realize that it wasn't my place and it had a staircase instead of an elevator. Then next door was my place. I entered the building and took the elevator. I then selected 37th floor. It started going up and then stopped. Then suddenly, it now started going down very fast. It crashed at the bottom floor and I was able to force the doors open. I ran out of the broken elevator and as I came out, I saw a staircase by the side . I then decided to follow the staircase to climb up to my room.

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Posted by: andyud - 28-03-2015, 09:19 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (415)

i was in my village last week and in my dream i saw a very big black snake in one of our rivers.though i was flying with matchet to kill it bt i was also mindful of its attack from head hence i could nt locate its head.when i landed at the bank of the river,a package was brought to me bt to make sure it nt harm, i cut it into two and found out it was dove,immediately i saw the snake watching me with its head raised up, then i woke. (2) Many masquerade were after me and i was fighting them

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  Please help!
Posted by: heisable - 27-03-2015, 09:15 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

This dreams are from my mother in law

1. She saw people buying brooms (igbale) and they gave her 4 brooms. she later dropped one of the dreams because it was too short. She put the remaining 3 in her booth.

2. She was holding a bottle that changes to a baby girl of about 10 months old

God bless u sir!

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Posted by: ebankole - 27-03-2015, 01:56 PM - Forum: Research - Replies (1)


Do you dream about numbers? here are some numbers and their meanings.

EIGHT - New beginnings.
EIGHT-EIGHT-EIGHT - The first resurrection saints.
ELEVEN - Incompleteness, disorder.

FIFTY - Symbol of liberty, freedom, Pentecost.
FIVE - God's grace to man, responsibility of man.
FORTY - Symbol of testing, trial, closing in victory or defeat (Israel in Wilderness and Jesus on the desert).
FORTY-TWO - Israel's oppression, the Lord's advent to the earth.
FORTY-FIVE - Preservation.
FOUR - Represents worldwide, universal (as in 4 corners of the earth).
FOURTEEN - Passover, time of testing.

NINE - Judgment, finality.
NINETEEN - Barren, ashamed, repentant, selflessness, without self-righteousness; faith.

ONE - God as a unity and as a source, new beginnings.
ONE HUNDRED - Fullness, full measure, full recompense, full reward; God's election of grace, children of promise.
ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN - The resurrection day; Lord's day.
ONE HUNDRED TWENTY - End of all flesh, beginning of life in the Spirit; divine period of probation.
ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR - God's ultimate in creation.
ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THREE - Revival, ingathering, final harvest of souls.
ONE THOUSAND - Maturity, full stature, mature service, mature judgment; divine completeness and the glory of God.

SEVEN - Completeness, perfection.
SEVENTEEN - Spiritual order, incomplete, immature, undeveloped, childish, victory.
SEVENTY - Number of increase, perfected ministry.
SIX-SIX-SIX - Sign of the Mark of the Beast, Antichrist.
SIXTEEN - Free-spirited, without boundaries, without law, without sin, salvation; love.
SIXTY - Pride.
SIXTY-SIX - Idol worship.
SIX HUNDRED - Warfare.

TEN - Law and order.
THIRTEEN - Sign of rebellion, backsliding, apostasy.
THIRTY - Maturity for ministry.
THIRTY-TWO - Covenant.
THIRTY-FOUR - Naming of a son.
THIRTY-SEVEN - The Word of God.
THIRTY-NINE - Disease.
THREE-HUNDRED - Faithful remnant (Gideon's army).
TWELVE - Divine government, apostolic government.
TWENTY-ONE - Exceeding sinfulness, of sin.
TWENTY-FOUR - Symbol of Priesthood courses and order.
TWENTY-FIVE - The forgiveness of sins.
TWENTY-SIX - The gospel of Christ.
TWENTY-SEVEN - Preaching of the Gospel.
TWENTY-EITHT - Eternal life.
TWENTY-NINE - Departure.
TWO - Sign for witness, testimony, or unity.
TWO HUNDRED - Insufficiency.

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  Dream & Visions Diary
Posted by: admin - 27-03-2015, 12:40 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

Good morning Pastor,

Kindly interpret this visions for me:

(1) I saw a motorcycle and the accelerator. (That is the handle where u press for the motorbike to start moving)

(2) I saw someone going through exam papers. Its like the person was marking the exam sheets because I saw some marked good and a few bad

(3) I saw a woman and she was been trying to tie a wrapper around herself for our pastor to pray for her

(4) I saw a girl and she was looking at herself if she looks fine

(5) Last night I had a dream.. I and my brother did a computer networking job for my father's friend but the connections where not working. The computers were linked together but were not seeing each other. After we left the place I told my brother that this computer networking wasn't working and I decided to call the man that has the job. I told him that we will need to repeat the networking and the man said okay and that we should come back 2moro morning by 10am.

(6) In another dream, my friend invited a girl and fornicated with her. After he finished he asked the girl to bring one her friend for me but I quickly told the girl that I'm not interested... After about a while, my friend came and said that there is a girl in the room waiting for me but I refused. I remembered my calling and told him that I'm not interested. I told myself that I will not allow pleasure of 2-5 mins to destroy my entire life and I prayed to God never to allow me fall for this

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