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  questions PST Bankole
Posted by: sheila ruth - 01-06-2015, 09:40 AM - Forum: questions and answers - Replies (2)

1,after praying and getting your star back, will your destiny be full filled or it will be too late since maybe Gods callender has passed, e.g God showed you your going to be a powerful leader, then your star gets stollen, you retrieve it back, will Gods will/destiny be fullfilled ??

2,if you dream a good dream of hope today,tomorrow you dream a bad dream, does it mean the good dream has been cancelled ??

3, difference between spiritual and witchcraft attacks??

4,do they steal your destiny/star or block you from achieving it, or do they block your star from shinning,

5answer with immediate effect:)

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Posted by: eooj - 01-06-2015, 03:31 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

morning ebankole. Mor grace

i dreamt me n my mum were driving to d off-camp houz i stayed in durin ma school days. As soon as we wer gettin close we stoped to buy fried ydm bt my mum told d woman dat she dosnt hv moni wit her ther until we returnd,it took somtym bfor d woman agreed. As we drove my mum misd d first junction n as we drove she misd d 2nd junction so i decided to play som music n told my mum to make a u_turn so we drove to d ryt junction. As we entad,d car changed to one of our deceased dogs who was calm bt always ready for any nonsense. D dog was on chain as we walkd towards d houz dis tym wit a cousin bro who we stayd wit together bak den. Wen we got ther,i waitd outside wit d dog as they went in to grit dem.wen everyme came out,my dog changd 2a quite smaler dog dat evryone culd touch. Den d dog startd barkin n chasin oda strit dogs. Den i killd one scorpion. Den later we saw many oda scorpions comin frm unda d stones so al of us startd kiling dem.


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  Pls, help me out
Posted by: boom - 31-05-2015, 09:45 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2321)

Happy sunday to u pastor. Pls help me interprete:
1)a former neighbour's son said it takes d grace of God for his dad to return to secondary school.

2)we are on strike in my place of work. I went there to pick a notebook that i forgot & close the window when a man (my boss) wit a gun did not want me to enter but i entered by force. When i got outside i met him & he called me, i now knelt down & began to beg him. He asked what has happened to me nowadays that i look dirty among my colleagues & i dont make my hair. A woman in labour pains now came & we told her we are on strike. I felt like assisting her but since my boss did not say anything i kept quiet.

3)an old grandma with a wound covered wit palm oil on her head & smelling was carrying a baby wit respiratory distress. I asked what the problem is but said there is nothing. A nurse now asked the mother if she has been pregnant & she said yes. When i wanted to go & take a thermometer to check the baby's temperature i saw a biro on the floor & picked it. A colleague was there & was looking @ me somehow.

4)a lady was on the floor & her friends were making jest of her. I didn't see her face but her buttocks were exposed. A woman now came to cut her hair with scissors as if she is being disciplined.

5)a lady i know physically put palm fruits in a bowl & squeezing the oil. She left the place & i wanted to take from it & eat but i returned it & said i dont know the source. I was now looking @ a snail & vegetable in another bowl.

6)in my house i wanted to burn somethings & i see that there is a place they were already burning things & i threw my rag inside it.

7)in my former street, i saw my ex & a co-worker. It is like i dont want to follow my ex as if i've been waiting for somebody. I now followed my co-worker & another colleague now said she will mock the one i am following that she is pregnant.

8)i was in a place where we planned to go somewhere & i discovered all my friends have left & we remained like two there. I began to say my mates have left me behind. My ex was in the bathroom & wanted me to do something for him but i didn't go. A lady went to meet him there & i now see my present neighbour & we talked. I noticed that when she came., i messed up & was thinking maybe she perceived it.

9)in my former street i held a new broom & cutting the excess away. Some of my present neighbours were there & saying that a wife (physically pregnant )to one of them is now with another man & she stinks & not that everybody would perceive it but only when the husband wants to relate with her. My mum now tell my brother dat they should go to d farm & bring its cock & chick home as if d lady is a hen & d cock is now grown up. I saw an old broom & told my broda to take it inside d house. He was also saying smth abt cooked beans.

10)i saw smth like a question being interpreted & i was opening it in pages.

11)i was interpreting one of d above dreams symbol by symbol.

12)a woman came to greet us in my house & said she wants to use toilet. I told my mum not to open my toilet for her as if it is a bedroom & dat she has an agenda. She now used my flat mate's toilet & didnt flush it, my mum now carried a bucket of water to flush it, my flat mate now came & i said thank God dat i've flushed her toilet.

13)i was eating bread from a big one my sister is carrying.
Thank u sir.

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Posted by: eooj - 31-05-2015, 04:44 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

mor grace ebankole

pls last nyt in ma dream, i saw 2 big black snakes in my dream wit a littl black one. They were in my oda room so my plan was due2 their size, use fleet in d room as much as posibl so dat they wud die of sofocation bfor i nw woke up.

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  never take whatever interpretation u get likely!
Posted by: eooj - 30-05-2015, 11:41 PM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (3)

my heart is bleeding ryt now.
Ebankole somtym ago i told u bout a dream ma aunt had(struglin wit a mad man at her gate),later i told u dat dat ma cousin had a dream bout a madman n u interpreted. Later i told u dat i saw my cousin wit shaved hair in ma dream n u interpreted.
I neva took it serious nor did i pray hard.

Ebankole dat ma cousin is dead.

Please ppl never take ur dream interpretation likely most especialy if ur been atacked please. NEVER!!!

Please ebankole help me pray for her soul. Thank you.

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  The word for today- A daily devotional 6
Posted by: ebankole - 30-05-2015, 07:05 PM - Forum: Inspiration/daily manna - Replies (10)


Saturday May 23, 2015.
‘…He made it again into another vessel, as it seemed good
to the potter…’
Jeremiah 18:4 NKJV
WHILE YOU are on the Potter’s wheel, consider these two
things: 1) The Potter’s plan and pleasure are what
matter. He has the right to make you into anything He
chooses. What matters most is that His plan for your life
be fulfilled and His pleasure in you be realised. Can you
imagine a potter discussing with the clay what it would
prefer to become? No. Only he has the wisdom to make
that decision. So instead of struggling with the will of God,
rejoice that ‘…God is working in you, giving you the desire
and the power to do what pleases Him’ (Philippians 2:13
NLT). 2) The Potter will not stop until the job is done.
God’s job would be simple if we were just inanimate
lumps of clay. But we’re clay animated by self-will and
‘we want what we want, when we want it.’ However,
rather than giving in to us, or giving up on us, the Potter
keeps working and reworking the clay, day after day, until
we gradually begin to take on a shape He can use for His
glory. This sometimes calls for radical action on His part:
‘But the jar he was making did not turn out as he had
hoped, so he crushed it into a lump of clay again and
started over again’ (Jeremiah 18:4 NLT). God is so
committed to His objective in your life that He won’t quit—
even though it means allowing you to be crushed and
starting the process over again. So be patient and stay on
the wheel; what God has in mind for you is worth it.
Judge 9:34 - 11:40, Mark 10:35-52


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  How to post on the forum with ease.
Posted by: ebankole - 30-05-2015, 04:26 PM - Forum: Announcements and Help - Replies (4)

Follow the pictorial procedures.
God bless you.

1. Click ''dream interpretations''. Picture bellow.

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Posted by: kunmius - 30-05-2015, 09:49 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

Morning Pst. Bankole,

Please i had the following dreams:

1. Was at an event where they served food. When it was time to go it seemed like the people organizing the event were forcing people to take some stewed fish home with them. I took a stewed fish head that i saw on a plate and the man decided to let me go. He told me to raise it up and show people at the party that i am taking the fish head home.

I think i went to another man for some fish. He had some fried fishes in a tray in front of him. As i approached him, he said he has eaten about 12 fishes and he is not allowed to eat anymore so that is why he still has fishes left on the tray. He allowed me to take one. I took the center of the fish.

2. Bought a roasted corn. The seller sold it to me for N300. I thought it was expensive but I gave him N1000 and he gave me N700 change.

3. Was given a written assignment to turn in by a professor. I told the professor and his assignment were very difficult and was contemplating withdrawing from his class after receiving my graded assignment. I looked at other people's assignment scores as it was handed to them. when i received mine, i saw that my score wasn't that far from others. Our scores were in close range so i decided to stay in the class and do better on the other test.

4. Was on a field with snow on it. I thought it was a beautiful view so i decided to snap a selfie with my phone. As soon as i attempted to snap myself, some people who spotted me decided to come to me to snap their pics too.

I snapped pictures randomly and i even snapped a guy who was in a room and was surrounded by 2 people. He was seating on the bed with one person standing behind him and another person with mask on standing in front of him.

While going through the pics, i spotted the guy who appeared to be a captive. I looked at the picture closely and saw that one of the kidnappers had a gun.

We now went into the next scene where the captive was spotted talking to a priest and telling him how he was held captive by a woman. While he was talking the the priest, a woman walked in with a gun and walked towards the captive. Before she could shoot. I or someone (not really sure) pointed a gun at her and took her gun from her. She was knocked unconscious but the captive was still nervous and kept yelling that she is so dangerous and she needs to be shot and killed.

Thank u very much

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  I was arranging curtain
Posted by: grace of GOD - 30-05-2015, 09:03 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (30)

(1) saw invmy dream where after several attempt to put the cutting on our door into perfect shape, at the end i was able to covet half of the door with the cutting while the rest half wad without clothes.
For me to ascertain the effect the uncovered ones will be, I went out and stood at the entrance to see .And from my finding i could see that those outside could not notice the uncover part of the door.

(2) I was in a gathering more like i was within the compund of my church. about entering to joined those entering inside the church( becos it has gotten to our turned) a man came and demanded for my phone, I asked him why would he be interesting on my phone, that was it his money I used in buying the phone? After much struggle with me , he allowed me to go along while i held my phone tight within me.
what I notice is that, this man and some of his men were on assignment , that once they see any one using their phones to surf the internet they should hijack the phone from such person and never return to the owner.

(3) I was on a journey and while inside the car I said to myself, I will like to revisit Abuja that even though it been over ten years that i left there, i could still see someone who will still remember me if i visit.
Later saw where I was shouting and saying to the driver of the car I was tt he mustvtake me to my destination no matter what. I told him that before i entered the car at the park I asked if the car will get to my destination , whichvi was assured that it will. So why the sudden change of heart? He reply that they were to bus onthe same lane one which is the one i board that the other one, is the one that will fellow the route i want to go,that the person who toldvme to enter this one, said so , so that the car could filled up on time.
The driver was then delebrating on what he could do, whenvhe saw i was not ready to accept his view.
Also in this dream I kept shouting that this is the THIRD TIME I will be decieve by the same set of people and after Iust have entered the bus, story will change

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  confusing dream
Posted by: ebloom - 30-05-2015, 08:08 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

Hello Pst.

I had a series of dreams same night. Pls help.

The first one started with our former house. I was with my sister and mother, they were taking care of babies. A baby was choking/dying and I prayed, the child came to life. The mother came to pick her child and I was wondering why no appreciation. The gate man now told her what happened. She ignored him and called him amebo. The woman happens to be a neighbour in my current house.

I later left to enter a bus home. I saw a bus where there were all men as passengers looking dull. The conductor asked me to enter but I declined. He specifically mentioned my bus stop and as I made a move to enter, the driver sped off. The conductor was angry saying don't I know who owns the bus? I got into another bus that took me to my family church(not my church).

I got there and was seated with my parents. My uncle who owns his own church was the one preaching in my family church. My dad kept distracting and sending me on errands. The pastor was angry and asked me to sit on his seat so I could listen. His coat was still hanging there so I sat. My dad was angry/jealous and sent me on another errand outside, the pastor asked me to drop my bible to see if I will come back.all the while my mum sat there not saying anything which is reflective of how she is in life.

On my way out, I saw an old friend from high school.i stopped to greet her and we talked. On my way back from the errand, I saw that church had dispersed. As I was going into the pastor's office, I saw a crowd of people waiting to see him. A friend came out wearing red/wine all through and a white shirt. I ignored him. When I got in I saw this same friend seated in the outer office dressed in native. I collected my bible and note from him. The last thing I wrote was Luke 11:7. The person the pst gave my note to wrote things in it for me while I was gone. The pastor then wrote Luke 11:8 and said he is giving me 3 months maternity leave.
I was somehow relieved and I don't know why.

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