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Dear brethen and all,
There shall be no posting on sundays it's our day off. Doing so attracts two days suspension.

God bless you all as you obey.

-Prophet EBankole

Quote:VERY IMPORTANT: Posting dreams on Sunday in NOT allowed. Sunday dreams must NOT be posted on Monday, they must be scrapped. If you do not adhere to this rule your account will be suspended for 2 days.

Scary or terrying dreams might be reconsider for interpretation on sundays with a PM message requesting for permission before doing so.

1. Pastor Bankole is the moderator of the forum and is the one who will be interpreting your dreams. His moniker is ebankole.

2. Interpretation of dreams in the public forum is done on a first come first served basis, meaning pastor will start with the dreams posted first. However if you posted more than 5 dreams, they MIGHT be interpreted last, and if you posted on PM, they will be interpreted after all the pub dreams, much later in the day. But whatever the case may be, rest assured your dreams will be interpreted.

3. Open one thread and post all your dreams on it by clicking on “post reply” for each time you want to post. This will help you to keep track/journal of your dreams and so that pastor will be able to easily refer to past dreams if he needs to. Giving your thread a unique topic will help you to quickly recognize it.

4. Separate and number all your dreams to make it easy for pastor and yourself to refer to them later. Do not use asterisks (*) and hyphens (-).

5. Do not use texting abbreviations when you post your dreams so that they are easy to understand. But if you must? Make sure it's readable and understandable.

6. Do not use ALL CAPS to post your dreams as it makes it difficult for pastor to read.

7. Do check the announcements on the forum index from time to time in order to familiarize yourself with what is happening in the forum.

For full details, more information follow the link below :

****Updated ****

Quote:There are conditions to post Sundays dream as stipulated ( many member have been taken advantage of this),and they are as follow ;

* The dream must be terrifying or must have troubled you.
* You must have genuine reason for doing so.
* You are to choose just one or two out of all.
* Youu must leave a PM message on monday requesting ProphetEbankole permission to post your Sunday dream.

Perhaps this wasn't well spelt out on the rule but it's part of the rule and its only condition to post Sundays dreams.

Bless you.