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Forum Announcement: New Evil Method From The Kingdom of Darkness
Announcement! Announcement!! Announcement!!!

The message below is for brethren/believers all around the world,and all of YOU!
The kingdom of darkness has deviced a new method: 'BELOW', to stop & frustrate the prayers of the children of God worldwide in other to oppress,frustrate them and cause them to lose their faith in GOD

Below is the screen shot and, at the bolded :


Quote:You,pastor posted here what God said to you. : "God said cos of activities of kingdom of darkness to hinder prayers,HE himself choose between 2am to 3am for us that anything we ask that time would be given .I was like its true that I prayed around that time and my prayer was answered so I planed to testify here.

I am saving this message for reference.  

Blessed be the heavenly father for exposing every work of darkness and the new method they've resulted to frustrate the children of God.

He that have ears let him hear what the spirit I saying!

Bless you.!