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Forum Announcement: Registration issues have been resolved
Dear (none) members

We hereby, apologize for the inconveniences encountered during the registration process on the site!!!

This website/forum is a work in progress as numerous of things have been installed and with time we shall overcome all the difficulties presently encountered. Some of the features that have been installed is to prevent spammers, bots and Ddos attacks on this forum now or later in the future hence these difficulties and or while these anti spam were/are installed.

Those that are yet to register or finding it difficult due to these technical issues on the site, can do that right now as the registration process has been resolved for ease of registration.

This is due to numerous complaints that we've received concerning the registration form.

In essence do register now before the spam and or verification code is restored back.

Above all, if the problem persist, kindly email us at or with the errors you receive while registering

Bless u all.